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Custom Calibration Gases

Lightning Cal™ cylinders are Red Ball Oxygen's line of portable and eco-friendly calibration gas cylinders. Lightning Cal™ offers high-quality gas mixtures and portable cylinders manufactured for high accuracy, checked by rigorous quality control processes, and made ready for your every need. Our outstanding products and service aim to help you increase your productivity.

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1200PPM N-HX BAL N2  152(PN2022-342-0001
8COMP BAL ME 152(PN2022-353-0001)
6comp Blend BAL H2 Gases FOR Lcal
18.5% O2 BAL N2 Sz 103 Liter
20.8% O2 BAL N2 Sz 103l
103l-161-23 23% OXY BAL N2 Sz 103l
4% O2 BAL N2 Sz 103l
0.609% C3h8 BAL Air29% LEL Sz 103l DIS
1.1% C3h8 BAL Air Sz 103l(52.3% Lel)c10
0.1% Hexane BAL Air 103l - C10 Connect
Nitrogen 99.999% Sz 103l
80 PPM O2 BAL N2,103l
21% O2 BAL N2 Disposable Sz 103l
2500ppm C3h8 BAL Air Sz 103l Disp Steel
5000ppm C3h8 BAL Air Sz 103l Disp Steel
100ppm Chlorodifluromethane BAL N2,103l
1% CH4 BAL N2 Cert Sz 105l W/C10 Connt
500ppm CH4 BAL N2 Cert Sz 150l W/C10 CNT
50ppm O2 BAL N2 Sz 105l
4% O2 BAL Nitrogen 105l Disposable
1.35% Ethylene(50% Lel) BAL Air 105l
27% Ethylene BAL N2 105 Liter Cert
Btex 105l Disposable CYL
20.9% O2 BAL N2, Disposable,105l
Total 485 products